Boticelli is a software that automates the coloring process for 2d digital animation.

Boticelli uses a state of the art algorithm based on artificial intelligence that transfers color between a reference image and as many images as you want to color.

Boticelli uses a credit system. Each credit allows for the coloring of one frame. The more credits you buy the more you save.

Currently Boticelli is on early access. In the following months we expect Boticelli’s accuracy and performance to increase considerably.

You can but for maximum accuracy we recommend just coloring one character per frame

As such there is no maximum number, but we recommend doing independent processes when there is an abrupt cut on the scene or when a new character enters the scene. The more similarity there is between the reference frame and the frames that you want to color, the more accurate the process will be.

It depends on the computational capacity of your machine but the process should take no more than a few minutes. Our benchmarks indicate a 150% faster process when compared to humans.

We recommend keeping at least one colorist on your team so that he can make corrections. Boticelli process is not perfect.